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George Armstrong calls the past 'another country' yet, with this guide, we have the perfect companion to travel back in time to the domestic spheres of Victorian England. Filled with guidance for every issue, from medical ailment, to heartbreak and courting, readers are guided through the Victorian wisdom that will solve onion breath by chewing leaves of parsley soaked in vinegar, or understand the rules of owning a handkerchief (including the absolute necessity for a handkerchief to be held freely rather than balled up). Learn grammatical tips on how long the pause of each method of punctuation is with a comma as one count and a colon as three counts. For the cold winters, one is advised that the use of singing will keep pulmonic complaints at bay - a gem worth remembering come carolling time. Instead of a contents page, Armstrong provides a detailed index with which one can scour to source any ailment or household item in order to attack any problem you may encounter, or any problem that may arise. From temperance and turbot carving, to Love's Telegraph and leeches, educate yourself in the niceties and necessities needed for any one seeking domestic bliss the Victorian way. Illustrations, 213pp.
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