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Renowned for his sublime painting of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo's talent showed at an early age. Initially taught by Ghirlandaio, to whom he was apprenticed at the age of 13, it wasn't long before he was correcting his master's works, much to his annoyance, often drawing over Ghirlandaio's sketches using confident thick lines. Once someone lent Michelangelo a drawing of a head to copy, and his copy was so precise that the owner could not tell the difference. Michelangelo had even aged the paper so that the two appeared identical. One day he heard that Lorenzo de Medici was looking for talented young artists to train as sculptors in the garden of St. Marco, and so at the age of 15 the youth transferred from Ghirlandaio to the Magnifico, which cost him a severe beating from his father. However no doubt Ghirlandaio was relieved to see him go, while Michelangelo was only too pleased to be out of the confines and conformity of the studio. A definitive account of a great artist, together with the history and events of the age. Softback, 272pp. Colour and b/w illustrations.
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