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Sub-titled 'The Prophetic Voice of Thomas Merton' and with a foreword by Wron Williams, the author is the Dean Emeritus of St Paul's Cathedral. His subject, Thomas Merton was a Trappist monk, writer, contemplative, social critic and, in the context of world faiths, ecumenist. He continues to intrigue and challenge. His extensive writings, some of which have only become available widely in the last 20 years, make it possible to see the abiding fascination with the man, together with the many discontents - human and divine - that dominated so much of his life. The book inspires us to look again at our preconceived ideas about the natural world, the prevailing culture, abuses of power, questions of war and peace, contemplation and action, institutions and the freedom of the individual - and the search for God. 1966 seems to have been a turning point in Merton's life when his relationship with 'M', the young student nurse who had cared for him in hospital when he was recovering from back surgery, then signed an agreement, having spent a year in the Hermitage, that he will spend the rest of his life in solitude. He died in Bangkok in 1968 and dozens of his publications including Opening the Bible, The Asian Journal, and The Non-Violent Alternative followed during the years 1969 to 2004 with his last publication, Peace in the Post-Christian Era. 242pp, two photos.
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