SCEPTICAL GARDENER: Thinking Person's Guide

SCEPTICAL GARDENER: Thinking Person's Guide

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Gardening's most intriguing questions are answered in this super collection of articles originally written for the Daily Telegraph. Ken Thompson is a biologist and also a keen gardener who seeks out nuggets of information in scientific journals and questions received wisdom. He asks the questions others wouldn't think to ask and investigates how we can attract more garden wildlife, what bees do to improve strawberries, and what is the ideal temperature for a compost heap. He also ponders the scarcity of gardeners on Desert Island Discs, the waxing and waning of flower names for girls, and why gardeners in literature are always such dummies. From when to use plants' common names and when to use Latin, to the easy way to sex an earwig, here is an expert's miscellany of gardening knowledge to make our lives more contemplative and fruitful. Brilliant on practical gardening from Gardeners' Question Time. 288pp.
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Very interesting and entertaining
from Anonymous on 07/10/2018
I read this book from cover to cover but not all at once. It is ideal to dip into when you have a few spare moments. The author writes with clarity and wit and covers a wide range of topics nearly all of which were of interest and extended my knowledge. I thought it was so good I bought 3 extra copies to give to family and friends which were very well received.