COMMANDO TACTICS: The Second World War

COMMANDO TACTICS: The Second World War

STEPHEN BULL    Book Number: 83538    Product format: Hardback

A book which asks the bigger questions about strategic deployment, tactical methods and doctrine, here a more interesting story of the Commandoes emerges looking at operations, assault, movement and close combat. British Commandoes are among the most celebrated soldiers of WW2. Their daring, ingenuity and bravery has given rise to an almost legendary status which makes it difficult to appreciate fully their role and their true value as fighting men. This in-depth study of their tactics and history dispels myths and misunderstandings and places these elite troops of 70 years ago in the context of their times. Bull demonstrates the idea of the commando taking time to develop, and that commando operations were far from always successful. Commando tactics - amphibious, mountain, close quarter - were forged through the often-painful experience of raids and combined operations. Organisation remained in a state of flux throughout the war as new situations and challenges arose. Dr Bull covers major commando actions in France and Normandy in his Pen & Sword publication. 214pp, many illus including ones of how to use a Commando knife and one way to disarm an enemy rifleman.
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