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Unicorns are wild creatures that symbolise hope and magic when the world falls into darkness and corruption and despair. Usually associated with the celestial world, the Moon and serenity, they are present in old tales and myths and it is their innocence and purity that draws us to their majestic enchantment and calmness as spiritual beacons. One True Unicorn once roamed all over the world and was captured in different ways by different cultures. This is one of the most lavish celebrations of this mythical creature, the beautiful white horse with its bejewelled horn, and wings to fly. Celebrate in the most glorious selection of artworks we have ever seen, colour images on every page right back to Middle Ages tapestries to today's fantasy artists, Manga and these fine artworks are reproduced on heavy glossy paper. These fantastical beasts have appeared in poems, plays, fables and stories and remain an intriguing part of modern literature. Dungeons and Dragons featured the regular character Uni, the baby unicorn who had the ability to teleport. An unsurpassed gallery with explanations from the artists on their inspirations. 128 magical pages. New publication discounted.
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ISBN 9781786645319
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