ON ARISTOTLE: Saving Politics from Philosophy

ON ARISTOTLE: Saving Politics from Philosophy

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Aristotle's meticulous thinking on the nature of human affairs, ethics, politics, citizenship and virtue in a civil society remains as vital today as it was in his own time. Ryan examines Plato's most famous student and sharpest critic whose writing has helped shaped two millennia of Western philosophy, science and religion. The first thinker to posit that a society should be ruled by laws and not men, Aristotle was born in Stagira, Macedon, in 384BCE. He would go on to join Plato's Academy and eventually become tutor to Alexander the Great. During his lifetime he would see the revival of Athens during its destruction in the Peloponnesian War before the ultimate extinction in its radical form of democracy after the Macedonian conquest. His strongly empirical cast of mind was brought to bear on everything from rhetoric to physics, the history of political institutions and mathematics all the way to zoology and botany. The resulting system dominated European thought from 13th to 17th centuries. Aristotle attempted to critique the utopian anti-politics of his former teacher Plato. For Aristotle, life in a polis was the natural state of man and provided the greatest opportunity for human beings to fulfil their potential. He would eventually be displaced by Galileo, Newton and Darwin. An essential comprehensive view of his life and works. 216pp.
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