THE TEMPLE: Holy Precinct for Sanctuary

THE TEMPLE: Holy Precinct for Sanctuary

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Learned, erudite and otherworldly, the book is illustrated on the cover by a wonderful David Roberts 'General View of the Island of Philae, Nubia' in this attractive Thames & Hudson publication with 137 illustrations, 42 in colour. The idea of the temple, the holy precinct, the dwelling place of the gods, is central to all religions. It is the site of ritual and initiation, the mountain, the waters of generation, the pillar joining heaven, earth, and the underworld, the path to the innermost sanctuary. These concepts are universal and eternal in many faiths around the world from Cambodia to Mexico, Greece and Jerusalem to Tibet and beyond. Sacred waters and trees of life, sacred geometry, orientation to the four cardinal directions, new year festivals, ideas of cosmos/chaos and creation myths, within the temple they still have their deepest and truest meaning. The knowledge of the mysteries can be found in books recorded and kept in temple libraries called Houses of Life in Ancient Egypt. The Great Pyramids, the temples of Thebes and the Mayas, Islam and Judaism, here are symbols and mandalas in this blend of art and imagination. Superbly well illustrated 128 page softback.
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