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Tort is a rich, complicated and fluid area of the law designed to afford civil redress for victims of wrongs. It provides legal remedies, often the payment of money, to those who have been damaged by someone else's failure to meet implicit responsibilities and includes all negligence cases as well as intentional wrongs which result in harm. Often an act can result in both a criminal and a civil case and the state may prosecute them for dangerous driving, whilst the pedestrian might bring a tort case against them failing in their responsibility to not knowingly put other people at risk. So why the complexity? Social, moral and therefore legal notions of precisely what is wrong in the law changes over time, sometimes rapidly. Newly protected interests or rights emerge such as claims against NHS Trusts and historic torts may dwindle into disuse. Lord MacMillan said 'The conception of legal responsibility may develop in adaptation to altering social conditions and standards', and of course he knew nothing of say the Internet. Therefore the limits of tort law are a matter for perpetual controversy, even in well-established areas of liability. It is so broad a policy that any case of negligence or action for damages like the Bradford Football fire, duty of care including psychiatric harm, pure economic loss, breach of duty, liability for defective premises, interference with land including public nuisance, intentional economic torts like breach of contract, interests in reputation or defamation and who can sue, publications and libel and that is before we go on to vicarious, joint liability, insurance and compensation. Packed with test cases and even for the layman an absolutely fascinating read. This is the 7th edition of this classic casebook which was the first of its kind to cover Tort Law in the UK and was published in 2015. This new edition retains all the features that made the first such a popular and respected text with questions and notes supplementing the selection of cases and statutes. The indexed table of number of cases cited covers 24 pages and the table of legislation another 12 pages and there is a full index as well. There are three sections to the content; The Principles of Policy of Negligence, which includes cases on duty of care, economic loss, breach of duty contributory negligence such as the Bradford Football Club Disaster (1985); Duties of Interests which includes product liabilities, interference with land, people and animals and defamation as in the Tamiz versus Google case(2013) ;Loss which covers vicarious and joint liability, insurance and compensation and includes case such as that against The Catholic Child Welfare Society (2012). Published by Hart Publishing of Oxford in massive heavyweight 1188 page softback.
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