SEXUAL HEALING: Stories and Insights

SEXUAL HEALING: Stories and Insights

CAROL MARTIN-SPERRY    Book Number: 82725    Product format: Paperback

Refreshingly frank about sexual problems, this collection of case-histories with detailed assessments is a welcome demystification of the therapist's skill. As broadcaster Phillip Hodson says in the Introduction, "What gets in the way of great sex is what our parents and life did to us before we were permitted to mature". There may be nothing physically wrong with a client, but self-doubt, erectile disorder and commitment-phobia are among the reasons why people perceive themselves as sexually inadequate. Personality types are also relevant: whether you are a taker or giver in life, you will be the same in bed. When Freddie and Alison seek help they have not had sex since the birth of their child two years ago. Freddie's mother had been a prostitute, something he had not told Alison, and women's roles were conflicted in his mind. Carol explores the whole psychology of having a baby and admits that for some couples it takes time before sexual relations can resume. Two different couples with celibate marriages are given therapy, with very different outcomes. IVF treatment makes challenging psychological demands. One of the most moving stories is that of an engaged woman who is asked by an old boyfriend, now dying, if she will spend the night with him. She does, but she can never tell her husband. 226pp, paperback, resources.
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