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Sexual jealousy, adultery, workplace jealousy with insecurity and competition, sibling rivalry like Venus and Serena Williams, sporting jealousy, Freud and his theory of primitive Oedipal jealousy regarding envy and gratitude, Goya's emphasis on Cronus's eyes emphasising jealousy at the heart of the myth in his painting Saturn Devouring One of his Sons, jealousy in art and literature, intellectual - artists, philosophers, writers and scientists have all turned towards the shadow-world. What is our problem of escaping jealousy, even in the afterlife? Jealousy of asexual people when their 'squish' (platonic crush) becomes involved in a sexual relationship - squishual jealousy is on the cards. Jealousy in Samoan societies, Roman families and more in a chapter entitled Utopia, class envy, how yellow became the colour of jealousy or of treachery and how psychotic forms of jealousy are evident in crime statistics. The pressures of living in today's materialistic world seems predicated upon jealousy - the feelings of rivalry and resentment for possession of whatever the other has. But while our newspapers abound with stories, Peter Toohey argues in this charmingly provocative book that jealousy is much more than a destructive emotion - it can help as much as it harms. He probes the meaning, history and value of jealousy and the emotion at the core of modern culture, creativity and civilisation weaving together psychology, art, literature, neuroscience, anthropology and a host of other disciplines ranging from the streets of London to Pacific islands and from the classical world to today. Quite brilliant is his example of the Gucci family. 258pp, many illus. Yale University Press.
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