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The highest and finest of all human relationships is, arguably, friendship. We can meet someone and take a liking to him or her which is reciprocated and thereafter enjoy each other's company, laugh together, share interests and views and over time become part of the fabric of each other's worlds. We develop a mutual sense of obligations owed and trust given and meet each other's needs for boon companionship, comfort, confidences and sharing. Different people provide the friendship we need at different times in our lives and many famous friendships are recorded in history, literature and legend. We think only of Vera Brittain's 'Testament of Friendship', the biography of her friend Winifred Holtby, and this is just one of the wide range of philosophical, historical and literary sources for the book. It provides unexpected insights into our friends, ourselves and the role of friendships in an ethical life. Grayling roves the rich traditions of friendship in culture, art and philosophy, laying out major philosophical interpretations as well as drawing on personal experience and addressing such topics as Internet-based friendship, contemporary mixed gender friendships, how friendships may supersede family relationships, one's duty within friendship, the idea of friendship to humanity, and ultimately the universal value of friendship. A loving tribute to the virtues, values and varieties and with an enquiring, historical approach. 230pp, paperback.
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