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Lamborn Wilson defines angels as 'messengers of the gods, supernatural beings in human form' and, assuming they do walk among us, this eloquent companion guides us in understanding the power of these celestial beings. Through this book, you will be introduced to beings such as Metatron, the highest of the angels, a prophet 'ancient, bearded, inspired' and the kerubim who possessed four wings as they stood about Metatron. A trio of angels are revealed through Zaphkiel (Angel of Contemplation), Samael (Angel of Evil), and Raphael (Angel of Healing) - Samael being called the notorious Lucifer or Satan. This is a journey that will take you from angelic images in Christianity to those in Islam, a journey that will seek a connection between love and death. Each chapter is accompanied by fantastic images and photos depicting presentations of angels, for example, historic representations of angelic eroticism and the ways in which heaven and earth circle each other. 'Angels' is an exploration of beings beyond our knowledge through the artwork and history that has presented these supernatural forces for centuries. 128pp, colour images and photos, paperback.
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