ANATOMIES: A Cultural History of the Human Body

ANATOMIES: A Cultural History of the Human Body

HUGH ALDERSEY-WILLIAMS    Book Number: 82562    Product format: Hardback

Journalist Hugh Aldersey-Williams dives into the questions concerning whether our soul may lie in the heart or liver, how do some of us become left-handed and some right, or even what is the funny bone. The introduction addresses the gaps in education's teachings on our anatomy from why at middle age our body demands we seek the bathroom more often. Through this detailed and eloquent study of our anatomies, we are shown a new meaning to 'know thyself'. Arranged in two parts: 'The Whole' and 'The Parts' with detailed chapters titled with parts of the body such as 'The Flesh' or 'The Ear'. Each study of the body identifies with popular, cultural mediums such as in depth discussion of the French film La Grande Bouffe in 'The Stomach' chapter in one chapter, or in 'The Head' chapter where Aldersey-Williams references how Oliver Cromwell's weathered head stood outside Westminster Hall as a warning to other 'would-be republicans', used as not simply a representation of one man's body but a political movement. Explains shrunken heads, bloodletting, fingerprinting, x-rays and more. This fascinating study is a merging of humanities and science. 294pp.
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