ITALY'S MOST WANTED: The Top 10 Books of Roman Ruins

ITALY'S MOST WANTED: The Top 10 Books of Roman Ruins

LUCIANO MANGIAFICO    Book Number: 82494    Product format: Paperback

If you're off to Italy, this is the very first thing that you should pack! It's a super top ten guide to all things Italian covering a multitude of subjects, from Popular Operas to Notable Wines, and from Ancient Monuments to Renaissance Painters. Did you know there was once a female Pope, who masqueraded as a man? She gave herself away after stopping in a Papal procession to give birth. This so unsettled the clergy that, for a few centuries after, new popes were made to sit in a chair with a large hole in the seat. A deacon standing behind would insert his hand before pronouncing 'He has two testicles and well-hung!' On the subject of Famous and Infamous Women, Joanne I and Joanne II 'were both morally bankrupt and incompetent rulers and had a touch of madness to boot.' The first was a nymphomaniac with many lovers, while the other Joanne, 'who was just as nuts as her namesake', had her second husband murdered, exiled the third and took on many lovers. This perfect holiday companion will fit into a pocket or rucksack. Softback. 350pp. B/w illus.
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