A FRAGILE STONE: The Emotional Life of Simon Peter

A FRAGILE STONE: The Emotional Life of Simon Peter

MICHAEL CARD    Book Number: 82402    Product format: Hardback

Other than Jesus Himself, there is none other from the Gospels as well referenced (almost 200 times!) as Simon Peter, "the rock" upon which the new church would be built. But, as anybody with a passing acquaintance with the New Testament will be aware, this rock was, as the book's title says infers, a fragile one, Simon Peter being as fallible as all men can be. Michael Card is a musician and songwriter and it was during a tour of Romania not long after the fall of Ceausescu that he came upon a Gothic painting in an ancient Orthodox Russian monastery that depicted St Peter in a manner very different to how he is usually portrayed in Western Christianity. This was the start of many years spent exploring the dynamic, contradictory life of Peter the apostle. This book is the culmination of that study, revisiting well-known tracts and comparing and contrasting interpretations across all versions of the Christian faith to create a portrait that is at once familiar and jarring. Simon was the closest Jesus had to a friend, yet he famously denied Him, as predicted, three times at His arrest. Perhaps what separates Peter from many of us is that fallible as he was, he honestly admitted his failings, even though he was effectively set up as the exemplar of the new faith after Jesus' ascension to heaven. As such, his story speaks to wobbly disciples who never quite get it together and equally to naïve leaders who think that they have. Reading Card's narrative it is clear that he is a songwriter and the book reads almost like a lyrical love song to a man who exemplifies the trials and tribulations of faith. Immensely enjoyable, this is a most unusual book. 192pp, b/w illus.
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