LAST GOODBYE: A History of the World in Resignation Letters

LAST GOODBYE: A History of the World in Resignation Letters

MATT POTTER    Book Number: 82205    Product format: Paperback

Goodbyes are always hard, but this collection of resignation letters is a witty and at times dangerously analytical example of goodbyes that are seemingly easy to make. Potter categorises such resignations into themes such as, the 'F*** You and Goodbye' or the 'Grace Note'. Some hard hitting, yet undoubtedly rousing resignations include one senior media planner's list of 10 reasons why he resigns including the fact that, if he requested to be 'Senior Media Planner Ninja-Czar' it would come with 'a pay freeze'. However, this is not simply a humorous collation of amusing moments of anger but soft glimpses of hope for the little guy in history, the free shot against the 'big dog'. Not only are we treated to lesser known resignations but the farewells of figures such as Nixon, Charles Taylor, the ex-President of Liberia, or Tony Blair. No matter your feelings on the politics, we are invited to admire the power of the rhetoric as the mighty and the Everyman possess the same power with their words in their resignations. 319pp. Paperback.
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