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Poison gas, the torpedo, the Zeppelin, here is a startling new window onto World War One with Diana Preston's chronicle of the birth of weapons of mass destruction. Between April 22nd and May 30th 1915, Western civilisation was shocked. World War One was already appalling in its brutality, but it had until then been fought on the battlefield and by rules long agreed by convention. Suddenly those rules were abandoned when on April 22nd at Ypres, German canisters spewed poison gas at French and Canadian soldiers in their trenches. On May 7th as German submarine U-20 without warning torpedoed the passenger liner Lusitania, killing 1,198 civilians, and on May 31st, a German Zeppelin began the first aerial bombardment of London and its inhabitants. Each of these actions violated the Hague Conventions of 1898 and 1907 and were designed to spread terror and force the Allies to surrender. While that failed, the psychological damage caused by these attacks far outweighed the casualties. Diana Preston links for the first time the dramatic stories and personalities behind these events through the eyes of those who were there and how in the aftermath, other combatants felt the need to develop extreme weapons of their own. 340pp, 16 pages of photos and diagrams, maps. US first edition. Remainder mark.
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