BOOM: The Life of Viscount Trenchard

BOOM: The Life of Viscount Trenchard

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After a spell in the militia in India and then Africa, where, after recovering from a serious injury received in the Boer War, he was seconded to the West African Frontier Force, Trenchard was becoming disillusioned with his life. A letter from a friend, who, inspired by aviator Louis Blériot, had taken flying lessons, was to change everything. 'You've no idea what you're missing,' wrote the friend in 1912. 'Come and see men crawling like ants on the earth from above.' Trenchard decided to try for a position at the Royal Flying Corps Central Flying School, but he needed to act quickly because the War Office had stipulated that the maximum age for training pilots was 40 - and he was already 39. He travelled to Brooklands aerodrome in Surrey, found Tommy Sopwith's school of flying and demanded of Tommy, 'You Sopwith? Can you teach me to fly in ten days?' Tommy could, and did, and Trenchard was awarded a Royal Aero Club certificate after a total of only one hour and four minutes in the air, flying solo. Trenchard was not a natural pilot however, and his success was more due to determination than to talent. Now a bona fide aviator, Trenchard was accepted at the Central Flying School on Salisbury Plain, and it was here that he acquired his nickname 'Boom' due to his stentorian voice. Despite his overbearing, obstinate, tactless, impatient manner he was well-regarded, later rising to the highest rank in the Royal Airforce. During the First World War he commanded the RFC in France, later serving as Chief of Air Staff. This well-researched biography is an excellent read about the man who went on to create the finest air force in the world. 402pp, b/w illus.
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