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I am Charlie Mortdecai. I like art and money and dirty jokes and drink. I am very successful. But right now the Hon. Charlie Mortdecai, degenerate aristocrat and amoral art dealer, is up to his earlobes in trouble. Chief Superintendant Martland is looking for a stolen Goya and thinks Charlie either has it or knows where it is. Unfortunately, he's right. Worse still, possessing the painting is proving to be something of a liability for poor Charlie and his thuggish manservant Jock. Because if they are not careful, some very nasty men with guns are liable to make them very dead. Originally published as 'Don't Point That Thing At Me', in 1972, here in facsimile reprinted Penguin paperback. 166pp.
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ISBN 9780241972670
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Very Good
from Anonymous on 09/09/2020
I enjoyed this book but was surprised by the ending as I believe there to have been sequels.