LAST SUPPERS: A Collection of Final Meals Through the Years

LAST SUPPERS: A Collection of Final Meals Through the Years

CAROLINE WEST & MARK LATTER    Book Number: 80870    Product format: Hardback

The authors state, 'We all have our favourite foods, both good and bad, but have you ever thought what you would ask for if you only had one final meal before shuffling off this mortal coil?' They investigate final meals of prisoners on death row, as well as the meals of those who died naturally. Most requested death row last meals are burgers, steak or fried chicken, and in some states, such as Georgia, a total limit of $20 is imposed to prevent prisoners demanding a banquet. Did you know that Tutankhamun's last meal, according to analyses of his mummified stomach, was pickled roast beef, two kinds of bread and red wine, while Rasputin had honeyed cakes and Madeira wine, both poisoned with potassium cyanide? Charles II had a small amount of pottage (thick soup), Henry I had lampreys, Pope Paul II over-indulged in melons while F. Scott Fitzgerald died from a heart attack shortly after consuming a candy bar. Chapters include world leaders and political figures, film stars and other celebrities, rock stars and musicians and disasters and famous events. Fascinating and rather irreverent for all trivia fans. 128pp. Line illus.
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