JACK THE RIPPER: The Whitechapel Murderer


JACK THE RIPPER: The Whitechapel Murderer

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Horrific, horrendous, unspeakable, The Whitechapel Murderer, Jack the Ripper, stalked the streets of East London in 1888, slaughtering prostitutes and bewildering the police who were hunting him. They never succeeded in apprehending him, and to this day the mystery of his identity remains an enigma. This book looks at the evidence left by the murderer and the reports and investigative papers which recorded the atrocities that the ripper performed. 369 page paperback.
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ISBN 9781840220773
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from Anonymous on 13/03/2018
If Jack the Ripper is your interest you certainly won,t be disappointed in this book. Very well written with just the right amount of gore!. Well researched and informative, a fascinating read.