DOGS IN SNOW: The Ultimate Collection

DOGS IN SNOW: The Ultimate Collection

BLACK AND WHITE PUBLISHING    Book Number: 85995    Product format: Hardback

A companion to Dogs in the Bath code 85996, meet a whole range of bright-eyed, furry friends eating and playing in the snow, whiskers and fur lightly sprinkled with an icing sugar of cold, perfect white snow. 140 pages and 140 breeds of dog from Siberian huskies, an English Cocker Spaniel, Jack Russell, the puppy like playful Samoyed with his long white fur, the aristocratic looking Great Dane, the devoted guard dog Lhasa Apso, the playful Maltese, the obedient Irish Wolfhounds and the cuddly Labradors and Retrievers, nothing is going to stop man's best friend galloping through feet of snow, catching snowballs, rolling in it, digging and having fun. A heart-warming snowy collection of photographs, all in colour.
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ISBN 9781785300004
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