COPS & ROBBERS: The Story of the British Police Car

COPS & ROBBERS: The Story of the British Police Car

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Lovely period brochures the author never knew existed and colour photographs in a centre section showcase some of his favourite police cars, fast cars for high-speed pursuits and the need for practicality. The British Police Force's relationship with the car started by chasing after pioneer speeding motorists on bicycles. As speed restrictions eased in the early 20th century and car ownership increased, the police embraced the car. Criminals were stealing cars to sell on or to use as getaway vehicles, and the police needed to stay ahead, or at least one step behind. They acquired high-speed pursuit vehicles such as Subaru Impreza Turbos and the MGA, the peak of the police force's glorious history with the MGs. Here are the Wolseleys, the Senator which motorway patrol car officers loved most, unexpected vehicles like the Ariel Atom and of course the good old Ford Zephyr and the new Panda Car concept, the Anglia 105E, the Mini and the Morris Minor, the Rover SD1 and the Volvo T5 and of course Inspector Morse's Jaguar. The TV presenter author was in fact a PC in the Herts constabulary so he knows the rules of road craft and even gives us the Ten Commandments on page 388 for developing car sense and exercising restraint when necessary. An inside job for all petrol heads and a fantastic nostalgic read to boot - and bonnet! 16 pages of colour photos, 428pp.
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