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Go to Bottom Form! Exquisitely drawn, with the finest attention to detail, Canebury Hall is not only a Prospectus for this grim and forbidding institution, but also tells the story of two new pupils, one male and one female, who have been sent to the Reformatory, and the trials and tribulations that they encounter on their first day. Headmistress, Veronica C. Veare, rules with a rod of iron and is proud of the school's reputation for merciless corporal punishment. She is ably assisted by her exacting mistresses and prefects. The unlucky Miss Dobson and young Master Bates soon find themselves falling foul of the Reformatory's strict rules and severe punishment follows. At lunchtime, they are waylaid by the prefects and in a humiliating initiation ceremony both are violated, strapped and urinated upon. After an extremely unpleasant afternoon, they then find themselves in evening detention where their already sorely weald and tender buttocks are punished further. After witnessing two girls being whipped for mutual self-abuse at evening Assembly, the two newcomers are sent to the Dormitory. Their mutual lust gets the better of them both, but unfortunately, they are caught! They didn't know what a real thrashing was until they encountered Matron and her heavy tawse! Fabulously delineated by Greye, this fascinating book is certain to impress and delight. Fully illus. Rare first edition. 8¼" x 12".
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ISBN 9781899861323
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