BOWIE: Starchild

BOWIE: Starchild

MICHAEL O'NEILL    Book Number: 87785    Product format: Hardback

With his distinctive one brown one blue eye, chameleon and caricature-changing creations, David Bowie's music is loved by many and known as the soundtrack to the world of changes. That was heralded by the creation of Ziggy Stardust and through the hits and personas that followed in art, drama, film and fashion, David Bowie's voice ranged clearly. Yet he remained forever the outsider, observing, creating, collaborating, inspiring and moving forward, often talking about the future in interviews and of course hiding his illness until the last, because no one knew that David Bowie was dying of cancer. It seemed he was returning from self-imposed exile on 12th December 2015 when his musical Lazarus opened in New York and the new album was a commercial and critical success. Here he is back from beyond in an unashamedly glossy collection of full page colour photographs spanning the career of the Boy who Fell to Brixton 1947-63, his Space Oddity years 69-75, Saved in Berlin 75-79, Success Through the 80s, Crossing the Line and Beyond the Grave. A mixture of colour stage images, portraits and snapshots in black and white, this is an affordable celebration. 104pp, 9" x 11".
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ISBN 9781912332007
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