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Founded in 1978Bibliophile is the publisher of a FREE (eco-friendly) newsprint mail order catalogue.


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Jigsaw Puzzles 1000 Pieces for lockdown!


1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles featuring places of Spectacular Beauty, we're offering 4 in the series to collect. They are very addictive! Best quality, regular cut pieces made from sturdy greyboard. Colour image 11½" x 8" in silk finish print to use as a guideline included. Packed in re-usable zip lock polythene bag. Finished size 700 cm wide by 500 high. Boxed, 13.5" x 10".  

Did Dean Koontz prediect the Coronavirus in his 1981 novel The Eyes of Darkness?

Dean_Koontz_2020  87988

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Bibliophile is the publisher of a free mail order newsprint mail order book catalogue

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A Royal Warrant (By Royal Appointment) was granted to Bibliophile in 2011 by the Duke of Edinburgh. It is regarded as a ‘Peerage for Trade’, in recognition of quality, service and excellence.












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"I have been enjoying your catalogues for longer than I care to remember, and everything Jim (Oldroyd) says it's true, but the books are also a huge temptation, up there with ice cream, chocolate hazelnut spread and (for some people) shoes."  - Annette White 

"What I Think about Bibliophile! It is a book worm's paradise, I always want more titles from these pages than I can really afford, so long live Annie and the Team.  A good job, well done."  - Jon

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A Royal Warrant (By Royal Appointment) was granted to Bibliophile in 2011 by the Duke of Edinburgh. It is regarded as a ‘Peerage for Trade’, in recognition of quality, service and excellence.   

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