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Saucy Romps

In ones, twos, threes and orgies, here are bedroom antics, frolics and fantasies in the best of contemporary and historical settings.

Through the Keyhole

This really is what the butler saw. Voyeurism in the form of Reality TV is something we are today all guilty of and enjoy to a greater or lesser degree. A titillating collection.

Carnal Knowledge

From the ancient Sanskrit marriage manual the 'Kama Sutra' to the international bestseller 'The Penis: It's Performance, Enlargement and Training', here is socio-sexual posturing to sexual positioning.

Tongue in Cheek

Speaks for itself… what we find funny in the bedroom, bathroom, garden, in public and private places, vices and virtues, often in cartoon form or scribbles simply good for a giggle.

Collector's Library

Where a book is rather rare, of literary value, or in a limited edition, we at Curiosa have decided to categorise it as part of our Collector's Library. You may bag a rare find or simply enjoy the tactile feel of the binding from the following selections.

Male Order

Homo eroticism, and homosexuality, the appreciation of the male body, the male nude and artistic photography.


Femmes Fatales

Wicked, worldly women who just love the phrase "Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!" Lashings of stockings, high heels, long leather boots, PVC, corsetry and the female form in all its curvaceous beauty.

Flog 'Em

Sadistic, cruel, meek and mild, whippings and lashings, leather and lace, stilettos and stockings, flog 'em and see. May contain explicit depictions of sadomasochism.

Lascivious Lives

Historical and modern biographies where the content has a desirable attraction. Characters from George Melly to Casanova can grace our Internet pages as often as they like.


Girl on girl action.

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DIAN HANSON    Book Number: 79585
Bibliophile price: £35.00
Product format: Hardback

Red-lipsticked mouths parted, tongues exploring, soft, wet, juicy and both female. "I kissed a girl and I liked it!" Up close and very, very personal, between legs, buttocks etc., hirsute, large ...

Product is still available in limited quantities
MATING IN CAPTIVITY: Sex Lies and Domestic Bliss
ESTHER PEREL    Book Number: 84028
Published price: £9.99
Bibliophile price: £5.00
Product format: Paperback

"Is it possible for passionate sex to last a lifetime of loving? Yes, but there's a knack to it, according to the world's leaving authority..." Love seeks closeness, but desire needs distance. Talk...
NIK DOUGLAS & PENNY SLINGER    Book Number: 83854
Published price: $16.95
Bibliophile price: £7.00
Product format: Paperback

The spiritual and ecstatic experience of physical love was celebrated in pillow books and since ancient times, Eastern cultures have viewed love making as one of the highest forms of spiritual and ...
Published price: £10.99
Bibliophile price: £5.50
Product format: Paperback

A collection of the finest contemporary erotic photography offering an intimate, often strikingly different view of the female body. Some beauties are dazzling, inspirational muses that stir creat...
HELMUT NEWTON    Book Number: 62890
Bibliophile price: £100.00
Product format: Hardback

Helmut Newton (1920-2004) was one of the most influential photographers of all time. Controversial scenarios, bold lighting, b/w nude women were his signature. With the physically commanding 'Sumo...

Product is still available in limited quantities
NOBUYOSHI ARAKI    Book Number: 77244
Bibliophile price: £15.00
Product format: Hardback

No-panties coffee shops with private cubicles and peep rooms, were very much a part of Tokyo's Shinjuku area. They catered for commuter-train fetishists to role-playing young virgins to clients ly...

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WILL SANTILLO & DIAN HANSON    Book Number: 79584
Bibliophile price: £20.00
Product format: Paperback

The title means "the little death," a euphemism for orgasm, but the women who exuberantly masturbate for Toronto photographer Will Santillo in this book are as lively a bunch as you'll ever meet. ...

Product is still available in limited quantities
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Number: 117
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