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MARILYN'S STYLE: The Timeless Dresses of William Travilla

ANDREW HANSFORD & KAREN HOMER    Book Number: 83773    Product format: Hardback

William 'Billy' Travilla was a costume designer during the Golden Age of Hollywood, responsible for creating the gowns of such stars as Judy Garland, Jane Russell, Ann Savage and Lauren Bacall, but, most of all, for his muse, the one and only Marilyn Monroe. This book is the culmination of interviews with people still alive who knew both Marilyn and William, as well as diaries, tapes, and newspaper articles, and tells of their lives and the fashions. Interestingly it also explains how the author first became acquainted with the Marilyn Monroe collection. At the time, he knew little about her but, after mentioning to an American friend that his business could do with some PR, he was offered a Marilyn Monroe dress to put in his window for publicity. Thinking it a joke Andrew laughed it off, but a week later a huge box of dresses arrived, all designed by William Travilla, including some of the prototypes of Marilyn's most famous movie roles. An exhibition was hastily arranged at the Costume Museum in Bath, and, amazed by the amount of publicity it garnered, he knew he must visit the States to learn more. This dream book describes many of the iconic dresses in detail, including their construction and fabrics. The famous white pleated dress that Marilyn wore for The Seven Year Itch was created in 'ivory coloured rayon-acetate crepe, heavy enough to flow beautifully as she walked but light enough to blow up in an interesting way'. Full of stunning photos of Marilyn wearing the dresses, as well as close-ups of the outfits. 192pp. Colour and b/w illus.
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