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AMANDA RAWLINGS & C. DEASY    Book Number: 83632    Product format: Paperback

You've followed the cake recipe word for word and now have a perfectly-formed Victoria sponge or fruit cake sitting in front of you. How do you make the leap from kitchen-cupboard staple to party centrepiece for the kids, the in-laws or the book group? Help is at hand in this chunky volume, described as "the only compendium of cake decorations you'll ever need". A section on basic cake recipes and how to make buttercream, sugar-paste, royal icing and other essential ingredients is followed by techniques for piping and cake-stacking, and then finally the business of transformation begins. The White Lace Wedding Cake is covered in sugar-paste cut-outs of leaves and flowers for a sophisticated effect, while Wedding Cupcakes are decorated with petals radiating like sunflowers or gerbera. For a children's party, cupcakes can be adorned with sugar-paste Lego building blocks, or for a teenage girl a stylish red "lipstick" in a black case. Christmas Tree Cupcakes have whirly green buttercream with a yellow star on top, and for New Year you can top your star-themed icing with a real sparkler. One of the most striking cakes in the book has a black sugar-paste portrait silhouette mounted on pale pink icing with a ribbon-effect at the base. Creating realistic flowers is a skilled job, and there are beautiful examples here of roses, hydrangeas and orchids. 288pp, chunky softback, fully illustrated in colour.
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