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Slipcased, scarlet clothbound gold tooled 'gift' edition richly illustrated with more than 50 facsimile images from Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks and several of his most famous works of art including The Last Supper and The Mona Lisa. Leonardo's notebooks contained a plethora of his thoughts on art, general opinions as well as practical advice on topics ranging from technical detail on how to use sfumato shading and perspective to creating lifelike painting. The translations for his notebooks include sections on judging your own picture and on the way to fix in your mind the form of a face. There are preparatory sketches reproduced here and an explanation of The Last Supper, who was drinking and left the cup in his place and turned his head towards the speaker, the twists of fingers, hands open showing palms, raising shoulders towards ears and gapes in astonishment - every movement noted. Following the art chapter is the science chapter on anatomy and physical sciences where his manuscripts show his study of anatomy, astronomy, optics, geology, engineering and aerodynamics. His drawings cover the skeleton, internal organs, nervous system and musculature and his work could have transformed early modern medicine if published earlier. He also used mathematics and empirical observation to work on bird flight. He was effectively the founder of modern science. The final section looks at Designs which range from architectural plans and down-to-earth dredges and hydraulic machines for Milan's canal system to fanciful flying machines. Each was based on a combination of theory, rigorous observation and testing and he scrawled down in his notebooks thousands of ideas - designs for weapons and elaborate war machines along with notes on tactics and strategy. British Museum drawings and manuscripts are reproduced in facsimile on these 160 glossy quality pages. Slipcased, first time reduced by special arrangement direct with the publisher.
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