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The complete guide to drawing the human body by the bestselling author and artist provides clear annotated diagrams of every part of the human body useful to the artist, showing bone structure, musculature and surface views. Look at the muscles of the foot and how they work, of the thigh from the front, with the leg flexed, the range of hand movements, a skeleton of the hand with a palm-up view, muscles and bones of the torso, trunk and neck from front and back views, features of the face in detail, laughing out loud and facial expressions, muscles of the head, and proportions of different ages of the human being in a chapter entitled 'The Full Figure'. Accurately portray the body in movement and improve your drawing technique using this carefully researched and invaluable reference resource. Line art and clear labelling. 128pp, 9" x 11". First time reduced by special arrangement direct with the publisher.
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ISBN 9781784044701
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