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An important book which is an attempt to explain why justice matters. Most of us will never find ourselves accused of crimes we did not commit, or oppressed by Whitehall or by the most mighty in the land, or wished to publish something so shocking that public opinion will want to string us up. But if it were to happen, we would like to know we can turn to a legal system which will give us a reasonable chance of victory. Justice is the great game precisely because its rules provide the opportunity of winning against the most powerful, and against the State itself. Geoffrey Robertson QC is one of many fearless and romantic lawyers dedicated to reducing the difference between law and justice. Hugely entertaining, sometimes hilarious and always illuminating, this is the first book by a practicing member of the English Bar which has recorded such a range of personal, forensic experiences. As a memoir it makes compulsory reading for lawyers and as contemporary history is riveting. It has changed the way government works and made it more accountable and is a joyous catalogue of David against the Goliath of the State. 415pp in paperback with eight pages of photos for example of the Oz editors imprisoned August '71 and Michael X with John and Yoko, 1959.
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