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EVA PETULENGRO    Book Number: 83495    Product format: Paperback

Subtitled Memories of a Romany Childhood, Eva was born into a gypsy family in 1939. She would travel the country with her family in their painted caravan and spend idyllic evenings by the fire as they sang and told stories of their past. Eva didn't go to school or even visit a doctor when she was unwell. Instead her family would gather wild herbs to make traditional remedies, hunt game and rabbits for food and while the men tended horses to make a living, the young girls would join the women in reading palms. But in the post-war era, Eva's perfect world would be turned upside down. Here she describes the wonderful characters of her family from her grandfather 'Naughty' Petulengro to her five beautiful aunts who entranced everyone they met together with the fascinating people they met along the road. With photographs of beautiful woodcarvings and mirror engravings on Granny's vardo (caravan), all the family posing in front of their beloved Aptus camera, the Silver Cross prams, the sea front at Rhyl and many happy family days. 310pp in paperback with b/w photos.
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