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HORRIBLE HISTORIES: The Measly Middle Ages: Book and Toy

TERRY DEARY & MARTIN BROWN    Book Number: 83444    Product format: Paperback

An 8" long black rat complete with long tail and textured plastic fur, long whiskers and bright red eyes makes a gruesome entrance in this Medieval plague kit. History has never been so horrible. The revolting rubber rat comes with six pustules of stick-on rubber boils in flesh colour with puss pimples on top. The softback book is in the much-acclaimed Horrible Histories series in which we find out what life was really like when knights were bold, women wore tall pointy hats and the peasants were revolting. Read a genuine jester's joke, find out why chickens had their bottoms shaved and what ten year old treacle was used for. Try some gruesome games, revolting recipes and all about miserable Medieval monks, the dreaded Black Death and schools that really knew how to make children suffer. Illustrated paperback and toy kit.
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ISBN 9780439981408
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