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NADA FARINA    Book Number: 83373    Product format: Paperback

Ironically, the author's name translates into Spanish as No Flour! I'm sure there was no pun intended and it's not a pseudonym! Her book brims with imaginative and wonderfully tasty recipes to embrace gluten and or dairy free eating for those who suffer from food allergies and intolerances. The recipes and this diet not only improve the quality and variety of food you eat by cooking with fresh and unprocessed ingredients, but will also improve your energy levels and overall health and wellbeing when properly followed. In today's fast and fake food world, the book is a real eyeopener to show how easy it is to find ingredients and add a touch of imagination and creativity to prepare incredibly tasty and nutrition-packed meals even when on a restricted diet. Great for a health boost too. Try delicious sounding Lamb Neck and Cavolo Nero Casserole, Poached Cod with Sweet Peas Purée, Poached Salmon with Beetroot and Sweet Potato Mash, Vegetable Rice Bake, Beef Lasagne, super healthy Quinoa and Anchovy Salad, Mini Chicken Milanese with beautifully golden and crispy chicken for children or parties, Turkey Meatballs, Shrimp and Crab Dressed Avocado and even a recipe for Dairy and Soya Free Whipped Cream using cold coconut cream. With explanations of ingredients, food labels, charts and nutritional information in a colour chart alongside every simply described recipe with a full page mouthwatering colour photograph opposite. Beautifully designed 208 page large softback, 8¾" x 10".
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ISBN 9781742577524
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