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PAUL COLLICUTT    Book Number: 83346    Product format: Hardback

Lift up flaps and booklets with inserts swell and populate the city. Illustrator Paul began to develop the Robot City world in 1999 in a series of action-packed graphic novels. His stunning work is colourful, dynamic and laced with humour covering all aspects of life and emergencies, daredevils and dancing automettes. This guide to some of the inhabitants of Robot City includes characters such as Massino, the champion giant pizza delivery robot whose hip joints double as storage compartments for pizza trays while his spatula hands enable him to safely remove the pizzas from his oven belly. Curtis the Colossal Coastguard Robot and ro-boxers and chefs. Robo-animals inhabit the city too, such as robo-penguins who have been fitted with jet packs and extendable wings in the hope of spectacular air displays. However, they have so far chosen not to fly, in sympathy with their earthbound animal counterparts. Also in the city are sporting robots, dancing robots and the Robot City Express, whose carriages include a spa, gourmet restaurant and oil bath. Key Stage 1-3 Science, it's recommended for ages 7+, but many a grown man (or woman) will adore this. Attractive foiled cover. Card pages, colour illus, 22 x 27cm.
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ISBN 9781840116595
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