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NOAH FLEISHER & LUREN ZITTLE    Book Number: 83327    Product format: Hardback

However sophisticated we are, sometimes there is nothing more comforting than to curl up amongst the cushions on a comfy chair together with a book that we loved in our childhood. Whether Wind in the Willows, Winnie the Pooh, Mary Poppins, The Very Hungry Caterpillar or Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, we all have memories of those that were so special when we were small. Perhaps it is precisely that warm, fuzzy feeling which makes so many people collect their favourites, whether paying eye-watering prices at auction for signed first editions or plumping for a copy in a less than perfect state found on the internet. Dozens of covers of children's books are depicted here, as well as artwork and posters, together with information about the titles. Beginning with books from the early 1900s it explores favourite titles era by era, with further chapters on Disney, illustrator Garth Williams (Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little), Maurice Sendak and Doctor Seuss. Although an American publication, plenty of British authors are included - after all, no work about collecting children's books would be complete without J. K. Rowling or Beatrix Potter. 'While cute, Peter Rabbit, through his own mischievousness, ends up in dire circumstances. His hubris is humbled as he runs for his life from a very palpable and capable enemy whose only goal is to destroy our hero. It's a nursery school version of The Terminator.' Browsing the pictures of all those colourful covers triggers plenty of delightful memories, whether or not you decide to collect the books. Please note that the guideline values and prices shown are in dollars. 224p, colour illus. 20cm square.
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5 (11/03/2018)
This book is beautiful book enjoyed seeing the different books some were American but still a nice read.
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