CategoriesHistory KEEPING THE JEWEL IN THE CROWN: British Betrayal of India

KEEPING THE JEWEL IN THE CROWN: British Betrayal of India

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When India became independent in 1947, the prevailing point of view was that Britain had been steadily working for decades to achieve an amicable transfer of power. Contents include The Morley-Minto Reforms, The Montagu-Chelmsford Reforms, Gandhi, Amritsar, Rufus Isaacs, First Marquess of Reading, Lord Irwin, F. E. Smith and The Simon Commission, The Gandhi-Irwin Pact, Round-Table Conferences, the Background to the India Bill: Civil War in the Conservative Party, The Legislation, Rab Butler, Amery, Stafford Cripps, Wavell as Viceroy, The Cabinet Mission, Mountbatten's Instructions, and The End Game with drawing lines on the map. In this penetrating history, Walter Reid argues that nothing could be further from the truth. With reference to a vast amount of documentary material, from private letters to public records and state papers, Reid examines how Britain held back political progress in India for as long as possible, a policy which led to unimaginable chaos and suffering when independence was granted and the region was divided, creating a legacy of hatred and distrust that continued. 224 pages, maps, Principal Events, 16 pages of images and cartoons.
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