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WINGS: One Hundred Years of British Aerial Warfare

PATRICK BISHOP    Book Number: 83042    Product format: Hardback

The Royal Air Force is synonymous with its heroic achievements in the summer of 1940 when Winston Churchill's 'Famous Few' - the Hurricane and Spitfire pilots of RAF Fighter Command - held Goering's Luftwaffe at bay in the Battle of Britain, thereby changing the course of the war. For much of the 20th century warplanes were fixed in the world's imagination, a symbol of perils and excitements, but within the space of 100 years, military aviation has morphed from the exotic to the mundane. An activity which was charged with danger, the domain of the daring, is now carried out by computers and unpiloted drones. Aviators have always seemed different from soldiers and sailors - more adventurous, questing and imaginative - and in both world wars, air aces dominated each side's propaganda, capturing hearts and dreams. Writing with passion and narrative aplomb, the foreign correspondent and military historian Patrick Bishop casts new light on the men who fought in the Battle of Britain and the Strategic Air Campaign against Germany. 'Told with the precision of a Spitfire turning into the attack, and etched with prose as clear as contrails in azure blue skies.' 402pp. Photos.
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