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IRAN AT WAR 1500-1988

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The arrival of the Safavids by the early 16th century signalled the rise of the first truly united Iranian empire centuries after the fall of the Sassanian Persia to the Arabs in the mid 7th century. It was the consequence of developments during the rule of the Arab Caliphates, the rise of local Iranian dynasties in the Iranian plateau and Central Asia, and rebellions of Abu-Muslim Khorasani and Babak Khorramdin followed by the Turco-Mongol invasions. Iran certainly has seen its share of conquerors - the Greeks, the Arabs, the Turks and the Mongols and instead of being assimilated and destroyed, the Iranian sense of identity repeatedly rose again. The book covers the expulsion of Pathan and Russian invaders, the defeat of the Ottoman Turks, and the conquest of Moghul India; the gradual erosion of Iran's territories and influence during the 19th and 20th centuries; the military defeats of the Qajar Dynasty which laid the basis for the Persian Democratic Constitutional Revolt in 1904-05 which was ultimately crushed by Russian armed forces together with diplomatic support from Britain, contributing to the growing anti-Western dynamics within Iran. The author explores the complex early 20th century military history of Iran including two World Wars, foreign intervention and the suppression of anti-government revolts. The Iranian Army was modernised between 1950 and 1979, and following the violent revolution of 1979 it became embroiled in a bloody eight year war with its neighbour Iraq. The book also looks in depth at technology, weaponry and armour. Contemporary illustrations and photos, a magnificent Osprey back, 480pp with map.
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