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Sub-titled 'Columbus, The Inquisition, and the Defeat of the Moors'. The conflict between the Catholic monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella of 15th century Spain and the Moorish Caliphs of Granada was a holy war between Christianity and Islam. In Granada Spain, the Alhambra and the Royal Chapel are the physical monuments to the epic events that happened in the extraordinary, seminal year of 1492. When Columbus made his way from Granada to Seville and then on to Palos, from whence he departed for the New World, the roads must have been clogged with Jews leaving Spain, scattering across sea and border in response to the Edict of Expulsion of Ferdinand and Isabella and their Inquisition. He set sail on the final deadline, the fabled Sephardim. In this book, the story begins with the courtship and fortuitous marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella, their union uniting the principal provinces of Spain, Castile and Aragon. The story proceeds with the challenge of Portugal's pretenders to the succession of the Spanish throne. Major players include Columbus, Torquemada, the incarnation of the Spanish Inquisition, Boabdil the Unfortunate, the last King of the Moors, Joao II of Portugal who missed his chance to sponsor Columbus, the court rabbis Don Isaac Abravanel and Don Abraham Snr., Enrique IV, Isabella's predecessor and half-brother, and Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia, later Pope Alexander VI. Then there are the great warriors, the Marquis of Cádiz who was the very paragon of medieval chivalry, Savonarola and 'the third king of Spain', Cardinal Mendoza. Their human characteristics had an immense influence on how history unfolded - piety, greed, bravery, weakness, bigotry, obsession, forbearance, persistence, cruelty, blindness, artistry and decadence. Rich characterisation, engrossing narrative. 363pp in illustrated paperback. Remainder mark.
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