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'The possibilities are endless. Only faith in them lives creatively in me'. These are the words of the artist Paul Klee whose life work is collated here. Born outside Bern in 1879, Klee was brought up with a wonderful talent for music, including his gift for the violin which, having started at the age of seven, brought him to the Bern Orchestra at the ripe age of 11. For any art or music lover, this book is a necessity with wonderful informative parts, including insight into Klee's relationship with music through art, using it as direct inspiration as he explores the overlap of musical principles and art, thriving on concepts such as 'polyphonic painting'. Klee's non-naturalistic, colourful style is shown in technicolour detail, from the bold, abstract work such as 'White Framed Polyphonically' and 'Dance of the Red Skirts'. Delve into this incredible exploration of Klee's life and works through Dütching's fantastic research and collating. Colour photos, a beautiful Könemann publication, 282pp. 9cm x 8.5cm
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