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LOOKING FOR ADVENTURE: A Childhood Dream. A Lost Land.

STEVE BACKSHALL    Book Number: 82709    Product format: Paperback

An account of gung-ho adventurer, TV presenter and naturalist Steve Backshall's trip to the wilderness of Papua New Guinea. As a child his life changed when one day he visited an exhibition of enormous stick insects, shrunken heads, old-fashioned paintings of birds of paradise and other treasures, and at that moment he resolved to become an explorer and see all this for himself. Unlike so many of us whose childhood dreams come to nothing, Steve fulfils his dream, describing two visits to Papua New Guinea, as well as many childhood reminiscences. His parents are adventurous, too, introducing Steve and his sister at a young age to the 'joys' of camping in tents on a budget safari while lions prowled around and their guide was unarmed. The first time Steve visited New Guinea, his lack of experience showed and he was fleeced by the owner of the canoe meant to be taking him deep into the territory. Steve's writing style is wonderfully descriptive. Discussing mambruks - Victoria crowned pigeons - he says, 'We saw the bird in two different colour morphs: jet black with blood-red trim, and vibrant indigo with dark blue and white. Both had bright red eyeballs. The mambruk also has on top of its head a spray of feathers like the seed parachutes of an autumn dandelion.' A second trip 13 years later sees Steve, now established in the media world, travelling with a film crew that includes photographer and naturalist Gordon Buchanan. Excitingly written, this is about the animals, the people and, above all, the untamed wildness of Papua New Guinea with its jungles, cannibals and extraordinary wilderness. Softback. 338pp, colour illus.
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