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MIKE HARRIS & SARAH WANLESS    Book Number: 82618    Product format: Hardback

There is something sad about the eyes of the puffin, the black and white birds with the huge orange beaks who return to their colonies every summer. They are beautiful to look at with their small eye ornaments, yellow legs and feet and very black, fresh moulted wing feathers. Very sociable, their head jerking and typical monosyllabic call make them fascinating to study. Unravelling the mysteries of the Atlantic puffins who breed on remote islands and spend most of their lives at sea, the book is a collection of recollections of a lifetime of study by two eminent seabird ecologists. It is the most complete and up-to-date portrait of puffins ever published. Here are insights into activities while at sea made possible by miniature packing devices that provide unprecedented records of bird activity, behaviour, ecology, population dynamics and future prospects. Beautiful line art on pages 27-31 show the appearance, development and moult during which puffins are flightless for several weeks each winter. The Isle of May, St. Kilda, Skokholm, Norway, Iceland, Faro Islands, Canada and the US and Russia are the territories covered for distribution and status. Covers also food and feeding, predators and parasites, puffins and people including the palatability of seabirds' eggs. With appendices, 256pp with illus and charts. Yale University Press first edition.
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