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Arthur is a mysterious shadowy figure lost in time, a man revered by writers, poets and artists, a hero whose knights of the Round Table won fair ladies, sought the Holy Grail and were chivalrous and valiant. But who was he? Did he really exist? Was he a fusion of legendary characters, a mix of kings, rulers and warriors? The author examines all aspects of the Arthurian world, from the earliest references and traces through to modern depictions in film and television, in his quest to discover the real Arthur. Along the way he explores the archaeological evidence, the historical backgrounds, the legends, and how the poems of Tennyson, coupled with the art of the Pre-Raphaelites, caused a veritable Arthurian revival in Victorian times. He especially looks at the post-Roman setting, AD400-600, the probable time of Arthur. Places such as Tintagel, Glastonbury and Cadbury have long been associated with legends of Arthur, and in 1998, an inscribed stone was excavated at Tintagel which ignited Arthurian enthusiasm worldwide because part of the lettering, when translated from the Latin, read 'Arthnou', which contains the same Celtic element as 'Arthur'. Medieval romances and prophecies alike uphold the belief in Arthur's immortality, stating that one day, when Britain needs his leadership most, King Arthur will indeed return. Softback. 192pp. Colour and b/w illus.
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