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ITALIAN WAYS: On and Off the Rails From Milan to Palermo

TIM PARKS    Book Number: 82586    Product format: Hardback

'A train is a train is a train, isn't it?' - Apparently not, and Parks returns to travelogue-ing after a decade with this detailed journey across the railways 'from Milan to Palermo'. With a fluent style that surpasses the questionable railways of Italy, Parks demonstrates how the ups and downs of the Italian rails was marked by the politics and economics of the country itself. However, 'to move on rails through a beautiful landscape is always a pleasure' and whether the rails are faulty or consistent, Parks paints a stunning picture of the Italian landscape, for example his journey from Verona to Milan (148km) each day as he travelled to work, or the 'particularly gloomy' hills above Brescia over a 'base of chalky limestone'. Parks delves into the politics of the purposefully confusing strike announcements, the history of 1950s ticket windows and station officials that resemble officials from the 1920s in D. H. Lawrence's writing with 'gold-laced caps'. With each tale there is a ring of endearing humour whether you are reading about Park's terribly British joy at the improvement to a queuing system, the fear of using the wrong 'formality' with the phrase 'Never say only a formality', or the altercation between an unhappy customer and surly waiter debating whether she ordered a macchiato or espresso coffee. Gear up for a journey across Italy through the country's railways and its history. Maps, roughcut pages, 261pp.
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