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CREATION: Artists, Gods and Origins

PETER CONRAD    Book Number: 82576    Product format: Hardback

How did our world begin? The author explains that 'this book is a celebration of art that doubles as a critique of religion. It starts from the myths of origin that are the ancient foundations of culture, and yet the problems it discusses are alive in the present where they continue to provoke arguments and even start wars.' 33 chapters discover alchemy, art, mystical traditions, opera, film, linguistics, psychoanalysis, psychology and physics among other creation theories. Mary Shelley, challenged by Byron to come up with a scary story, was amazed to find on waking that the tale of Frankenstein had developed in her head during her sleep. Later, she made the connection between creativity and reproduction, referring to her novel as her 'hideous progeny'. By likening a work of art to an offspring, growing in the body before emerging, she was placing art midway between biology and theology. Creative art takes many forms, encompassing not just the transference of paint to canvas, but words to a book, notes to music, photographic film to the big screen or scripts to the theatre. The Christian Bible explains how God created the world, other cultures have different explanations. Creativity comes under many guises and man has an uncrushable impulse to create. 592pp. B/w illus.
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