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There are numerous books and websites telling you how to do modern Rome on a budget, but what about the ancient traveller keen to see the glories of the imperial city on - say - five denarii a day? The author is an expert guide on how to get there, what to see, where to stay, and how to keep out of trouble. Decent accommodation in Rome is expensive but if you first make a point of giving hospitality to a friend from Rome, the friend will be obliged to offer a return visit. You will need an exit visa from your own country, and these can be expensive. If you are sailing, you will need to take your own provisions for meals on shipboard, and the journey from Spain to Puteoli, for instance, takes at least four days. In Rome you will want to see the Pantheon and the temples of the Forum, and if you hang around on festival days you might be able to cadge a steak from a sacrificed animal. A visit to the games at the Colosseum is a must, but there is a strict hierarchy in the allocation of seating and if you fail to observe it you could end up as part of the spectacle. When you need to visit a public bathhouse, the Baths of Nero are the cleanest and have the advantage of an indoor gymnasium. At a banquet, expect dormouse and peacock's brains on the menu. Historical detail, brilliant observation, a travel guide with a difference! 144pp, softback, colour photos and line drawings.
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