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SCHOOLS AT WAR: A Story of Education, Evacuation

DAVID STRANACK    Book Number: 82517    Product format: Hardback

When AROPS (Association of Old Pupils' Societies) decided to conduct a survey to discover what happened to its members' Alma Maters during the war years, the response was such that they received a wealth of information and decided to put it into a book. Alphabetically arranged by school, entries vary from a few lines to a page or more, and make interesting reading. St David's, Purley, moved to a farm in the Cotswolds where the children revelled in a life of horse-riding and meeting lambs, kittens and calves, though it wasn't so idyllic for the staff as the roof leaked and the heating was poor. Gresham's School from Holt, Norfolk, moved to Newquay, Cornwall for the duration of the war purely because the headmaster had a fondness for the area! Nevertheless when they returned they proudly bore a silver cup that had been presented in recognition of their effective patrolling of the coastline. Batley Grammar, Yorkshire, decided not to relocate, and more air raid shelters were hastily constructed. Part of a field next to the grounds was cultivated for food production and first aid classes were a regular feature of school life. One bomb did drop close to the school, however, blowing the headmaster and his family off their feet. 80pp. B/w illus.
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